1010! Examine App

Please Update ASAP

This is my favorite game. But since i got the iPhone X i don’t play anymore because the game does not fit on the screen. The first box and the tenth box are cut off a bit

iPhone X

Anyone else seeing issues on iPhone X where the sides fall off the edge of the screen? Also, when I moved to the new phone I lost all my points and some of the themes I had acquired. I though Game Center preserved these things? Still no answer from support and still doesn’t play nice with IPhone X. Incredible.

1010 Problem

This would be a five star game, however, I paid to have the ads removed and it removed them on my iPad, but not on my iPhone. When I tried to contact the game maker, the address given was said by my server to be an illegal address. HELP!

Great game

Great addictive game! Got the game because my kid said I couldn’t beat their score. I below their score out of the water! Haha! I love the game. Hate the ads so I paid the $1.99 to remove ads. Now ads have appeared again and it’s asking me to pay again! Not sure if it’s a glitch or what’s happening. Wish someone would look into this.

Not optimized for iPhone X

Loved this game but it does not work with iPhone X. I hope they fix it soon!

Normally a 5 star but...

I have played this game for a year or more and really enjoyed it. Yes, the ads at the end of the game were a little annoying but it gave me an excuse to look away from the screen to rest my eyes. Lately though, there has been a small ad that pops up on the right hand side of the screen that locks up the game and tried to open the game the ad is for (so far it has been the same ad every time and it is for a game I already have). I can't move any pieces and a pop up says that the game wants to open the other app. Even though I hit cancel it takes me to the AppStore page for the game in the ad. When I go back to 1010 the whole process repeats itself. Rather irritating. Bug fix please?

Not iPhone X friendly

iPhone X layout is off.

Game stays frozen

I loved this game at first got to the score 6200 but after that it’s been frozen for a week I’ve updated my phone I’ve updated the game still doesn’t work I contacted the developers a week ago still nothing

Good but glitchy

I’ve had this app for a while now, and generally the ads don’t bother me. But recently, probably since the last update, a gardenscapes ad appears very small on the right side of the grid, and it won’t let me interact with any of the pieces or the pause button or anything. Currently, the game is unplayable, which is sad because I’ve had it forever and I really enjoyed it.

I just deleted it

I really enjoy the game, but if I score more than 200-300 points I have to watch an ad for 15-30 seconds before I can play another game. It isn't worth it.

IPhone x

Please get support for iPhone x! This wasy favorite game and now cannot play it due to sides of board are cut off on my iPhone x! 😫😫 would give 5 stars if corrected!

Fun game, but horrible ads

I've had this game for a year and really enjoyed it, but lately the ads are making me consider deleting it. I don't mind ads when the game ends, but an ad video pops up every 30 secs in game, and makes it hard to play. If they don't fix it, I'm gonna have to move on.


I have been playing this game for quite awhile and all of a sudden it froze on me ( a few days ago) I keep deleting the app and than re downloading it.....☹️ but still freezes.

Further downgrade of excellent game

The problem with ads is worse now. They take over whole screen unpredictably during play. I'd pay to get rid of them, but can't figure out how. Meanwhile, I'm ready to boycott Hyundai because I've been forced to listen to their ads so often. Downgrading since first review. I really HATE getting the long ad for Game of War every time I lose a round of 1010. Plus I've found that 1010 keeps sending me notifications though I've got it off in the notifications center. And it uses battery power quickly. And I still can't figure out how it scores or find that info in instructions. My initial review: It is an excellent game. My complaint is the annoying pop up ad one has to suffer through between games. And Game of War is a stupid choice to advertise: it clearly has different game play & graphic design that looks really cheesy compared to graphics of this game. Give a buy off the ads option.

Ad placement bug prevents play

Some ads (specifically the Gardenscapes ad) get misplaced on the screen and completely lock up the game, making it unplayable.


I 💖 this game!! Some glitches but still perfectly good.

Make compatible for iPhone X

I really enjoy this game but it goes off the screen on the iPhone X. If there’s not an update soon, I’ll move on to a different game.

Adds are so annoying

The adds pop up about every 30 seconds. It’s a shame. Was a fun game. Unplayable now.

Why even have the app for free?

This app gave me a virus and has irreversibly bricked my new iPhone 10. The ads prevent you from playing and then open up viruses. Absolutely trash And also the developer will reply saying "oh no email us at ____ and we will look at it and laugh at you."

Loved it until...

Went to App Store, bought the ad-free version. Never arrived.


Needs updated for iPhone X. Two weeks it’s been out already and nothing.

This game is good for a game when your sitting on a vouch

This game is good for a game when your sitting on a couch after a long day you can get this game. But if you get it remember it’s going to have ads I’ll give this game a three of of five

Great game, can’t play on iPhone X

I have been playing this game forever. But on the iPhone X, it’s no longer playable, because both side columns are off the screen.


I LOVE it! It’s so addicting. I love filling things and putting them together. It’s like a puzzle.

Fun, but needs help

This app is great to pass time, and it's hard to get high scores. The annoying this is getting an ad every time I loose. Maybe you should have it so there's and ad every other time you loose. Please take this into consideration.

Love the game

Love the game, it’s very addicting. Just hate all the ads after I lose. Wish there were more colors for the squares.

Not optimized for iPhone X

Not optimized for iPhone X. UI is cut off and hard to see. Great game. Love it. Perfect for playing idly while listening to podcasts.

Love the game but this happened...

I love the game but it always exits me out so I deleted the game and downloaded it again but I lost all my progress. I am mad at the game now😾 Right now, the game glitches and the videos are so annoying. They are like the same ad every time. It is a fun game but very annoying. Please fix this. It seems that is I have wifi, the game glitches and doesn't work. If I don't have wifi, it works.

Virus Path

I really loved this game and found it very addictive. However after a couple of weeks I began getting pop up messages at random times while using the game. Messages about virus infection and that I needed to download this VPN App to avoid losing all my passwords and photos along with other pop ups that were difficult to turn off. After deleting this game my phone is back to normal.

Latest version is buggy!!!

I have enjoyed this game for almost a year, but at the time of this review, the current release is frustrating and buggy. The in ad mechanism is not at the top, but middle/right of the play area. This interrupts and freezes the game.

Scam ware

Latest update adds “feature” that hijacks your phone, opens Safari, and takes you to a possible phishing site trying to get Amazon login info. I liked the game, but this is unacceptable. Deleting.

Fun, addictive adware

This is the second time I’ve tried to enjoy this app. I deleted it the first time after getting so many ads. I tried it again and now it’s worse. Every few minutes, the app launches a browser and goes to “ you’ve won an Amazon gift card!”. It’s gone from adware to malware. I’m done, I will never use it again...

Something isn’t right

This game is an easy Tetris like game. Addicting and fun. Now maybe it is just the most recent update but my phone will switch to safari and open an adware type page.

Too many ads

I was accepting of the ads at the end of the game, but the random ones that transfer you to safari while you playing are too much. I deleted the app after 3 of those in one game.

Had to re-install, now there are ads again!

I was experiencing problems with my game and had to re-install from the App Store. Previously I had paid the $1.99 to remove ads. Since I re-installed, the game has ads again and is asking for another $1.99 to get rid of them???

New update has a new ad and it's driving me crazy

Every 30 seconds, a new sort of ad pops up. It will open safari for me and say congratulations you won Amazon gift card. EVERY 30 SECONDS. Made a great game impossible to play.

A Problem...

This game is great, but I have one small problem: whenever I’m playing now for some reason, a random Safari page opens and takes me to it, and then I constantly have to switch back and forth between the stupid Safari page and the game. This also happens when I’m watching ads, and then the ad freezes up when I came back on and I have to restart the app. Other than that, the gameplay is very fun and simple.

Glitches and spam!

The game is decent, but the app is not. There is the glitch that is in other comments where the pieces freeze or move to random spots. The ads are annoying, but it’s easy enough to disable data for the app to avoid them. The real problem is that there are no ads visible while you’re playing the game and sometimes tapping a piece to move it redirects you to a page letting you know you’re the MILLIONTH viewer and you’ve won an amazon gift card!!! I don’t know how that happens, but for that reason, this app is trash and I’ll be deleting after this review.

Addicting but...

Love the game. Very addicting but...Most recent update has caused more bugs than it fixed.

Currently lagging because of ad

I love this game, it’s perfect for killing time and I can play in the time span of weeks and it never loses my score/place. Right now there’s a Gardenscapes ad that pops up in the middle of the game and everything stops. Please fix this. Thank you.

I love this game!

I love this game but the reason I’m giving it the stars I did is because I can’t play it when I am connected to WiFi. I dont know if I am the only one experiencing this but it’s really annoying. I typically just play when I am on the road. 😫

Needs an update

Unusable on the iPhone X

Fun until they clickbait you.

I’ve had this game downloaded for about a week and a half. It’s very simple and a good way to kill time. I was absolutely loving it until a couple days ago when in the middle of me dragging a piece to the board an extremely tiny ad popped up in the middle right of the screen and froze it. I couldn’t move my pieces at all and I actually had to close and reopen the app to move my piece which got stuck in the same place when the same ad popped up. I’m absolutely certain they’ve done this just so you’ll click the ad in an attempt to get your game back to normal. Don’t download this game from these money hungry jerks.


So addicting. I feel at home in this app, because I can arrange the blocks to suit my perfectionism. I love it!


Great game, but HORRIBLE spam. It transfers you to the internet without you even clicking on the ad. (About once every 5 minutes)



Love but not with iPhone X

I have loved this game for a long time. Like Tetris but without the timer. So it’s very relaxing while still being challenging. However, it doesn’t work well with the iPhone X. The game screen is too wide to fit. Fix this and it would be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Awesome game

This app has been great for me to play and this app is fun

Paid for no ads

Paid for no ads, still getting plenty of ads. Fun game but too many ads!

Very Addictive!

1010 is so addicting and every time I play I try to beat my high score.

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