1010! Examine App


I love this game!! It’s very addicting!! Having a problem this past week. The blocks aren’t moving smoothly under my finger! Sometimes they stop or freeze altogether!! We thought it was the ads above making it do this but I just paid to remove the ads and ITS STILL DOING IT. Any help would Be appreciated!! (Update: I deleted the Ap from my phone and reinstalled it. The hesitating has stopped but now the ads are back. I paid to have them removed I shouldn’t have to pay a second time to have them removed. Please help with this matter.

This game is fun but...

I used to use my moms phone so I can play 1010 it was so good and entertaining I could sit all day playing 1010 but last week I decided to download the game on my phone ever since it has been glitching and that is the only app that does that on my phone but otherwise it’s fun and entertaining ❤️


there was as add to spend $1.99 and remove adds and i accidentally clicked it. then i clicked cancel but it still charged my account. i’ll give it five stars when they give me my money back


Is anybody else getting adds, after paying to get rid of them on this game?

Pop up commercials overwhelming

Loved this, now just deleted it, pop up video commercials ruin my concentration and popped up every 20 seconds I gave up.


This game is so freaking fun and addicting and it’s my favorite game on my phone and it’s the only thing I play I probably play this game more than I go on my social media 😝😝😝😍😍😍😍

Suddenly lags

I’ve been playing this fun little game for years and it’s simplicity is my favorite part. But lately, even when connected to WiFi the game (dragging pieces into place) lags until the ad at the top of the page changes, then it’s a smooth ride...but only for a very short time :\ I do love this game 5 stars-worth, but this lag is


Lately this game has been increasingly laggy. It started maybe 2 weeks ago and I would imagine would be fixed right now but currently when I open the app I can’t even move the pieces. 0 response. Can’t rate it good if I can’t play it🤷🏼‍♀️

App won’t load

My app won’t load

Awesome until 5 minutes ago

Loved this game for months. Now suddenly there are intrusive ads popping up right over my screen :(




The game is an amazing game. Simple and easy, however, it has become very laggy. I’m playing on an iPhone 8 so there shouldn’t be any slow down yet. The game will take several moments to catch up to my gestures.


Ever since the I update, it lags so bad I can't play. So upsetting. :( Would've rated it 5, but now it's a 2.

Nonstop Ads

Ads spontaneously appear in the middle of a game and there is no way to get them to go away to resume the game, even after quitting the app. Extremely frustrating! This game used to be simple and enjoyable, but is now overrun by ads. It's become unplayable.

Ads Cause Lags

The lags caused by lags are pretty bad and I can no longer play the game for more than a few minutes when before I could play this game for hours. Thanks for them, I guess.

Needs an update

The game is lots of fun, but lately I’ve been having trouble with the performance of the app. It really has been lagging and affecting my success in the game. If this is fixed then I’d give this app a 5/5 stars

Loved this game, but lately...

I love this game but lately with the ads running at the top of my screen during the game I can't hardly make a move. So frustrating. I tried going ad free and got an error message. Frustrating!!


6/17/2018 After the most recent update it is soo laggy! I cant even play it anymore ob my iphone 6 because it laggs soooo hard! Also I need this game to work, I have a brain injury from breaking my skull and my theripist requires me to play this to work on getting my cognitive skills back! Please this was fun and it is critical for people like me!


This is the perfect time-waster while you’re waiting for appointments or have a few minutes here and there.

PAY attention !!!!!

In the ad , it said “ in a boring meeting at work?” Like it was trying to destract you from paying attention! Witch is bad for young people like myself booo

Technical error, after the last update

This game is good, your idea is beautiful But: After the last update, it works with lag, when play on iphone 6 s + Please fix it

Ridiculous Lagging

fun game but good luck trying to play on WiFi/data... the app is nearly impossible to play due to lagging. Less problematic when WiFi/data are turned off but it still has some problems with freezing and lagging that need to be addressed.

Fun but glitchy

This game is really entertaining, but recently it became really glitchy with the ads. I cant even move around pieces because it’s so glitchy.


This game will spam you so hard you can’t even play because it will pull up the App Store every second even after closing it out over and over. It is so infuriating I can’t play the game anymore and I do enjoy this game very much.🤬🤬🤬

Love it

This game is so fun and addicting! I love it!! There aren’t many games I could spend hours playing but this is one of them!!


Fun simple game. Graphics are good too!


Hanging this game due to connecting to network

Great Game Please Add a Clock to the Screen

I love this game but be careful because it’s addictive. I use 1010 as a mind challenger but, many times, it’s just what I play while watching TV or listening to music. My one peeve with 1010 is there’s no clock. I have to swipe out of the game to see the time, or check my watch continually, or set an alarm to remind me to close the game out. It’s distracting to have to check a different screen to seethe time. This is such a simple fix and I hope the developers will help comply. I’ve introduced many of my friends to the game and they all have the same little peeve. Thanks in advance for doing this for your senior adult audience! I’ve won a ton of reward points to buy new puzzles but many of them are not usable because the new pieces are placed in the design on the bottom of the game. It is impossible to find them in the pretty curlicues the developer added to the games. *** Edited to add: Never mind I’ve tried the games again just now and this glitch has obviously been fixed. Thanks for that. All in all, this is the only game that gives me a release from worrying about the world around me—including my aches and pains. I wholeheartedly recommend 1010 but make sure you buy the one without ads!


Since the last update 50% of the time the blocks freeze or won’t move where I want them to go! I paid to have no ads now I can’t play even one game without problems!

SO FUN until...

My mom and I loved this game until recently we got a notification that it wanted our personal information. Personally, we don’t think a GAME as simple as this needs out personal information, yes it does say we can delete it from settings, but that still means they have it even if it’s for a few minutes.


like the game but the ads popping up every few seconds ruins it, about to delete this game because it’s super annoying.

Help I just can’t stop!

I saw my friend playing this game on her phone and she said she had only been playing for a day and she was already addicted to the game. She let me try the game. I was hooked after a couple Games myself. Later that afternoon I went home and installed the game on my phone. My husband tried the game and Now we have installed it on our tablet as well. We can’t stop playing this game! We Love playing in trying to beat each other’s high score!

Love this game

Best app been using for years still very entertaining. This game will always be one of my favorites! I get tired of games easily but in this case it’s not true.

Ads after all this time???

Have been loving this game ad-free for at least two years. Today I had to watch an ad after my game ended. Please provide a buy-out for the ads or I'm moving on. No tolerance for this rubbish!

Super laggy

Good game, but lags to the point where I can’t move pieces


Love this

The ads are too much

Not only is there one flashing above you while you play(which isn't shown the preview pictures) but after I lost a game I had to go through two ads

Fun but lags

The game is fun to play but the ads up top lags the game really bad. I tried to remove the ads and I always get an error. It is impossible to get through an entire game without a little aggravation.


Needs an update the game is very glitchy every time the add changes at the top the game stops even after the add is set.

Love it

I love every thing about, but not the adds

Lagging is a real problem!

This is the only game I've kept and consistently played for years. Love it! However, recently the ads are causing a major issue. They sit at the top of the screen in a banner format and change every 5-10 seconds. Every time they change, it causes a lag where you are unable to play for 3-5 seconds. I'm frustrated enough that after years of enjoyment I think I'm done. If this gets fixed it's a great game. Otherwise it'll only frustrate you.

Fun but not so much anymore

I have played this game a couple years now. I could play off line without seeing adds. Now if I play off line there is 2 games at the top of the game. Now after a couple plays it freezes for couple seconds. Aggravating about to forget this game.

Free but meh

I mean the ads are intrusive. I can never tell if I’ve lost or if there’s an ad. Also how do you win? There’s no levels it’s a bit pointless. also it’s not Tetris but I need to flip shapes


Is good but to many ads

Good and Simple Puzzle Game

I’ve been using this app for some time now, past year and change. I love that it’s free of an internet connection so I can play it during my commute with no service while underground. Unfortunately it’s started to lag lately, since I’ve updated. I thought it might be related to the ads as I haven’t paid for the full version but switching airplane mode on hadn’t solved this. I’ve tried to see if other apps lag as well thinking it may be my phone but haven’t been able to observe anything else doing the same. Quite annoying in this app as pieces get placed incorrectly when touching another part of the screen. That’s the only thing I’m holding back a star for actually, hopefully an update resolves the lag. Device is an iPhone 7 if at all relevant.


game has been lagging really bad for the past few months


Игра лагам безбожно. Рекламы вагон с каждым обновлением все хуже


With the new banner ads, that you do not have to buy, it slows the game down. It also makes it where the game is not fluid. The game pauses and is not transparent because of all the ads. Way better free games out on the market. Don’t waste your time downloading as it is slow and frustrating.

Great fun!

Love it!!

Obsessed, but the glitches...

Obsessed with this game! Been playing for well over a year now. The recent lags and glitches are HORRIBLE. I get so frustrated until I can’t play anymore. Please fix this issue. I want my game back!!!

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