1010! Examine App

Best game ever

5/5 best game ever


The settings menu is not user friendly. They say they have skins and themes, but they must have hidden them somewhere other than the menu. And wow, the ads. They’re constantly refreshing and lagging while running along the top of the screen. Then between each game, you get to watch longer than normal ads. I mean almost a full minute for one ad. The game is fun, but not that fun.

The "store" is terrible.

I like the game, but the store in the game where you buy themes for stars is terrible. First of all you can't preview the theme before you purchase it and they aren't at all cheap. So if you spend the stars you've saved up for a week or so to purchase a theme only to find that the colors they don't show you over the store page are almost impossible to see next to the background they assign that theme, you are just out of luck. Frustrating is too mild a word.

Love the game BUT...

Truly love the game... am addicted but it keeps hanging up and won’t let me start a new game. That’s aggravating. The other huge issue I have is the volume... I have to turn the sound off my phone, then when my phone rings or the alarm goes off the volume is down and I can’t hear it at all. That’s the most frustrating thing is I don’t remember to turn the volume back up. I have deleted it as of now... it hung up one more time. A record for me... going on 24 hrs now without my 1010 ‘fix’! But so frustrating I hope to find another similar game without the aggravation. No luck so far... have come back to this one each time. Please see if you can’t fix these problems Thanks for listening!!


I don’t know what all these reviews are saying, this. Game has been one of my favorites for as long as I remember my high score is over 11000 and. I would love to see some challenges on a different mode but I love the game never the less

It was fun, not anymore.

As other people have noted, the lag and the ads have become exceptionally annoying to the point of making the game unplayable. However, at least for me personally, during an update maybe 6 months ago, all of my data (store credit, high score, etc.) was deleted and despite attempting to restore previous state and then reaching out to support multiple times, I have never received a response nor retrieved my lost data. Since my high score was 8000 something and store credit was 1000 something, and on top of the lag/ads, the game is unplayable.

Love it 😍

I love this game! It calms me down whenever I am not feeling to well. I think you should totally get it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Fix it

I paid for no adds and a qLink ad played after my game I gave it 4stars because I love the game but playing ads (for customers that PAID for no ads) needs to b fixed

Great game, but lags badly

Love the game!! But the game lags horribly. After a couple rounds the game starts to lag and it just gets worse. Please fix!


I am so frustrated by the ads in this game. I paid to be ad free, but the ads are back. Someone please explain this to me.

Ok but

As a general rule I like the game ... on my iPad however on my iPhone not so much. My # 1 pet peeve is that the sound for the ads overrides my phone and the app settings!! This is so not cool and very scary that an sf takes control of my phone. I’ve reported this before and after 2 updates... no changes ... Same issue so I don’t know that the developers actually read these reviews ... You’ll be playing and suddenly it starts taking you to ads and the App Store when there was no ad bar and worse it won’t stop !! I have to close the game and go somewhere else and come back. And if that’s not annoying enough, on both devices when an ad does play the sound volume is ridiculously loud with no way to silence the ad. I play the game on silent the ads should not override my sound settings

Great Game, but Issue w/ Recent Updates

I would love to leave a 5-star review because I have been addicted to this game since it was released, and it is great. Lately, the game lags TERRIBLY! Every time I try to play the game it lags immediately and never improves, so I have stopped playing the game because of this reason.

Ads popping up even though banner not clicked

The game was fun. But the app started opening up websites and the App Store even when ads weren’t clicked.

Ruined a perfectly enjoyable game

What would be an enjoyable Tetris-esque game is ruined by the continuous ads. Ads will pop up in the middle of the game and try to open safari, and every time you try to go back to the game it just jumps back to safari so that the only way to get rid of it is to close the app. They also have ads that appear on the top of the game while you are playing and they just flash continuously for minutes. The game also lags, drains the battery on my phone, and causes it to get hot which is something that I haven’t experienced with any other games on my phone. These problems have gotten worse and are so bad I no longer want to play this game. I can understand a few ads for revenue purposes, and the ones at the end of a game were fine but the number of ads on here is just ridiculous.

Sexually Explicit Material

I’ve played this game for a long time and found it to be a fun way to pass the time. Last time I played - a sexually explicit video popped up with very fast video frames when there were no more available moves to be made. Before I could close the app I already had seen more than I ever would want. I understand now what people mean by being assaulted by disturbing images... Once seen they can’t be forgotten. I contacted the developer but have not had a response.

Too much trouble

This used to be my go-to game anytime I was waiting around. Now it constantly interrupts the game and sends me to the App Store. Can’t play for more than a minute before automatically opens the App Store. Last night did it 5 times in a row. Couldn’t even play one piece. Deleted.

Battery vampire

This game is good but... •The ads popping up and stopping podcasts from playing is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING •also the game drains phone battery SOOOOO FAST.

Relaxing, great to end my day.

I downloaded this game as a simple puzzle to help me relax after a stressful day. Now I keep finding myself going back to it more and more often. I love the background options. I love that I can pause and close the game and still have the option to go back to where I stopped. I noticed some reviews talk about lagging issues. It happens every once in awhile, but usually when I switch between apps, which is totally understandable and only for a few seconds. Still, great game. Love it, love it!

Glitches i guess

i guess if i really hated this i could just delete the game. but i like the game sooooo with the ads, i close an ad, another one opens. i close this ad, and another one. this happens over and over until i try to show someone whats happening. good game, way to many ads.

Fun Game - have to keep restoring paid ad removal

This is one of my favorite games, but ads keep coming back and I have to keep restoring the paid ad removal.

Needs to be some changes

The game was fine in the beginning with some ads at the end of each game which was tolerable for me. But more recently, the ads would pop up in the middle of the game and take me directly to the App Store. It has been making me more frustrated lately.


Ok so like this is my fav game but they be legit cheatin’ me out and that ain’t cool. 😤😪

Good game... but too many adds

It’s a good game with pretty good and simple graphics but there are a lot of adds.

Stop the pop up ads

I really love playing this game. After a long day, it is fun to just try and work the pieces together to make them clear. However, lately all the pop up ads are driving me crazy. I am tired of it and will not play the game until that is fixed.

Pop ad central

This game used to be fun, but now it has all these redirect ads that continually dump you out at the app store. It tries to sell you all kinds of aps. I am going to find another similar game to play.


While playing the game after each move it takes me to the App Store. Very frustrating

Fun but buggy

I realise it’s a free game but you can’t play it half the time because ads just load, even when you close them, they just loop and loop. :/

Helps me calm down

Helps me calm down 👌🏽


When I place a block down,it isn’t placed where I placed it 😒😒😒😒😒🤨🤨😒😒😒😒😒😡😡

So addicting!

I love this game! It’s so addictive!! Def recommend

Great game, but the ad situation is ridiculous.

So, I love the game, but as I’ve noticed others have already complained, randomly my game will lag and open up the App Store. Having ads after the game is fine, I understand it’s free and people gotta make a profit, but placing ads in the game to the point where it is effecting gameplay is a bad decision.

Lags and adds

It’s really laggy.And every single time I fail or redo I GET AN ADD!This app is so desperate their are adds every second!!!!its so annoying

Needs updates

I love this game, it’s addicting and fun every time I open the app. However, I really wish the developers would add stuff to make the game more exciting. It takes forever to earn stars to buy themes. They should add achievements to score more stars or add minigames.

So fun!

I love this game


I like the game. I just wish I could change the pieces at times


This game is really fun but two many advertisements and when they come up I can’t get back to where I left off in game 😔

Changing to App Store.

I love playing this game but I can’t anymore because it keeps randomly changing to the App Store. It does this over and over. It’s annoying and I can’t play the game at all.

Scam Act

You cannot keep putting random add at the point where its taking you to the App Store... horrible app

Great game, no recent updates?

This game is my most played game on the phone. It is great for relaxing before bed or to just play when you have some free time. My personal high score is 12929, so if you have played you may know it takes time to get past 900. I have unlocked all of the themes and still have 17708 stars, which are used to unlock themes. I would love some more themes to be released on this game that I have been playing for years now. TLDR; love this, but has not felt updated in a very long time.

Used to love it

I used to love this game and downloaded it again after getting a new phone. Now the ads have gotten longer and lags sometimes. I’ve had it glitch like 4 times today and give me pieces on top of other pieces. Just wanted something simple and fun to pass the time. Wouldn’t even mind the ads but I keep getting 30 second ones and screw that.

I paid for no advertising

I do enjoy this game and it is very addicting. I decided to pay for no advertising at first I would never see advertising however recently it will go straight to advertising which is a rip off since I paid for the no advertising.

I’d give it a zero if I could!!! Totally inappropriate ad just popped up!!!

The pop up ads are OUT OF CONTROL!!! The frequency of them has always been annoying but tolerable. But this morning as I was playing an extremely inappropriate ad came up of some pornographic cartoony looking game! Completely unexpected and unwelcome!!! I am no prude but this by no means is what I want to see on my phone! Thank goodness it was me as an adult playing, and not my child. I mean this is a basic puzzle game! Why on earth would an ad like that pop up?! It’s not like I was ever playing that sort of game before or have that kind of activity on my device for it to suggest it as a game based on my algorithms! I have been unable to get the image out of my head for hours now and I will never be playing this game again!!!!


Game is amazing. But everytime an ad pops up, it kicks me out of my current game and makes me start all the way over. So frustrating. If thats fixed, an easy 5 stars from me!

Great game but

All in all this is a great game but I think you should have a colorblind setting because I can’t see what the blues are and what they are supposed to do and then I can’t tell what goes where because all the colors are mashed together

Glitching every time i open it

I love this game so much but ever since i updated it it won’t stop glitching. Can’t even play the game and it’s frustrating when i get close to my high score and it quite out and loses my data.

Great Game, Ridiculous Ads

I love this game and it’s addicting but the ads are ruining it. I also enjoy the simple design of the app along with the night time option (black background) and the bright colors. I understand you need ads to make it a free app. However, your ads are strange and unlike other in-app ads. It randomly takes me to Safari or the App Store without me having clicked on anything, or it switches to a video that never plays. And the LAG IS TERRIBLE. Fix that! Fix your ads and I think it will fix the lag. It messes up my game. The whole reason to have the app is so I can actually play the game. I hope you make improvements soon or I will be deleting the app.

Lag kills game

This was my favorite puzzle game to play on iPhone, but the lag just kills any enjoyment from your games. Please fix this right away. I might have to uninstall this app otherwise.

Favorite game but pornographic ads!!

I always let my children play this and now I see a X rated porn ad? That’s terrible.

Used to love it now I’m deleting

This game used to be fun. It started lagging bad to the point I couldn’t place tiles because they’d go wherever I had them when it lagged. That issue was resolved. Now I start playing again and it’s repeatedly opening my App Store in the middle of a game when I’m not even touching the screen.

Awesome buuuuuuuuuut...

But there are a few bugs. First off: Stacking Blocks off / on the play field. Second: When I reset most of the blocks are on the play field. Please fix this.

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