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Beat that (;

Great game....

But the most annoying ads ever encountered. I understand that ads are necessary to make money, but these are long, loud, and multiple screens to close just to get back to the game.

Addictive. Fun. Could be better

Love the game. Addictive, challenging, modern day tetris. However, like all of the other reviews, I would like to loose the game via bad moves/placement or lack of skill. Instead, the computer generates three blocks that simply do not fit no matter what. I wish the developers would tweak it so that the blocks would always fit...if you place them correctly.

Im goat

Im goat at this game, my high score is 92,124. so I suggest everyone gets this game and plays at some point in your life cause youll sit and think about how blocks fit together 24/7

Challenging & Addicting

I waste a lot of time on this game, I love it so much! There is no such thing as a wrong block thats given to you. Your job is to make it work, so plan AHEAD. I was starting to think my last game would never end (at over 39,000) when, BOOM, I blew it. My jaw dropped at the shock! It took me weeks to get that far. Be patient, pay attention, and if you want to score high, slow down and think before placing that block. This game is perfect as is

Love it!!

I have been playing this game the vast majority of my waking hours since I downloaded it a few days ago. Pretty much only putting my phone down to eat or sleep.

Its ok

Its very fun but there are WAY to many adds!!!

Great game, lots of ads

Addictive and fun

Great game... But...

Well, my high score is 1,233 but my only 2 problems are that 1.- I get very annoyed at all the adds that come up- which sometimes I finish a game but I accidentally press on the app which is very dis convenient. And number 2. I sometimes think to myself- I didnt loose because of putting in a block that was misplaced or anything- its just that, they dont give me the right block that cant fit anywhere, but other than these complaints, I ❤️ the app!

Ads galore, and lose every time.

I get that the company needs to make a profit too. But having 2 ads between games makes it even more annoying to lose. App would be worth 3 stars otherwise. If the block algorithm was fixed, itd be worth two stars.

Great Game

Ive been playing for months and I love this game. My sister got me on the game and I understand why people are addicted to the game. I rate full 5 stars. you could take away a bit of the adds because theyre so annoying.

This game is awesome☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

I love this game so much cause it reminds me of tetris plus the ability to change it from light to dark! I love this game a lot

Truly Strategic

Been around, but its clever wicked. Not a lot to say. Youll be addicted.

Great game.

This is a fun, slow paced game that takes some skills but at the same time requires little thinking. It isnt going to win any awards for design but its still fun to fiddle around with on a slow day at work.

Great game BUT

The advertisements are really excessive and intrusive. I understand the need for them with this being a free game, but its kinda absurd how many ads I get and it makes me not want to play an otherwise extremely addicting game

Glitchy end.

I love this game but more often than not- when I am making progress, I noticed the game will end and make it look like I ran out of options to place a certain piece when in fact there is a perfect placement for the piece. This glitch makes me not want to play... How can I beat my high score when it constantly ends my attempts prematurely?

Awesome bbbbbbbuuuuuuutttttttt

There is way to much adds it is a awesome game but there is way to much adds

Good to play, but not for young kids

I am very addicted to the game, but children of certain ages should not play it due to pornographic ads placed on this. I will play all hours and then i would see occasionally that an ad will pop up with naked women doing pornographic poses on here so be warned. They will pop in when you have to start over


Love this game.


I thought it was like for old people. But really its for people all ages. Its so fun. I got all my friends addicted to it

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